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Goldwings Supply Service, Inc. has been serving the Pacific Aviation community for over 30 years. Our founder, Frank Young, began with a simple plan to sell nuts and bolts as an Aircraft parts supply house. Over the years, we diversified into Airfield Lighting & Equipment, Ground Support, Pavement and Solar Products.

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Our roots within the aviation industry created a strong foundation, supporting our growth with the additions of Pavement and Solar products.

Goldwings strives to provide customer service expected in the fast paced aviation industry within all aspects of our business realm. We are very passionate about what we do and value our customer relationships which span over decades. Passion, integrity and quality are at the core of our philosophy and primarily the reason why Goldwings is a trusted source for those we serve.

The Mission

Our Mission is to provide high quality products and technical solutions so that our customers keep their aircraft, airfield, roadway, and waterways operating at maximum safety and efficiency.

Our Commitment is to provide customers with high quality products by establishing long term partnerships with leading manufacturers in their respective industries.

Our Goal is to exceed customer expectations by investing in people and products that produce results.

Featured Product

First LightFirst Light’s New PLB Series amber LED Option is approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for use in Sea Turtle Nesting Habitats.

TurtlesBaby turtles are safer thanks to the First Light PLB amber LED and the 180 degree back light shield that provides necessary lighting for visual landscape of beachfront properties near marine turtle habitats.


Each year thousands of sea turtles make their way to the sandy beaches of Florida and the Caribbean looking for a place to nest. Unfortunately over the last 10 years reports have shown a nearly 50% drop in sea turtle nesting and the rise in hatchling mortality rates. This is a direct result of ambient white lights emanating from commercial and residential areas along the coast. These white lights trick the hatchlings into thinking they are headed for the moonlit waters when in fact they are heading to certain death. Since the little turtles are unable to see the safer amber LEDs they turn their attention to the white light of the moon and make their way to where they are meant to be, the sea. Download the specifications for the Turtle Solar Bollards.

For more information, visit this website http://www.solarbollards.com/


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