Quality Assurance

Welcome to the Goldwings Supply Quality Assurance page. We offer a variety of product lines that are fabricated by reputable manufacturers in what is considered a very technical industry.

Our quality control standards are in strict conformance to those set by our Federal Aviation Administration. We distribute AN, NAS, and MS hardware as well as Aviation parts and supplies that have certificates of conformance issued through vendors that have impeccable reputations in this industry.

All parts and supplies are specifically labeled with what we call "traceability codes". These codes comprise of a Lot and Control Number that are indicative of the item's complete history from conception. Time is Money, and in the Aviation Industry Time is also Safety.

We are precise with our inventory so you can be with your maintenance.

We go the extra mile to ensure our vendors are the leaders of the industry with values and objectives that mirror ours.

As we diversified into Solar and Pavement, we continued to perform with devotion, providing our customers with quality products that have been tested, approved and certified by industry agencies. Our aviation quality control program, accepted by major commercial airliners, has been woven into our complementary lines so we can provide all of our customers with superior products and top notch customer service.

We don’t just sell products, we sell technical support and service. We are no longer just an aviation company, we are a Technical Solutions company.