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Applied Information provides you with unparalleled insight and control over your transportation devices. The Glance Smart City Supervisory System™ allows cities to manage all their traffic and ITS assets under one, easy-to-use web-based application. This cloud-based, smart city platform delivers the right information at the right time so you can maximize your ITS investment. Glance shows you the status of your complete network, providing unparalleled access to key performance indicators so you can easily analyze and create valuable reports. Four unique components create a comprehensive connected vehicle solution, enabling communication over DSRC, cellular and more.


What Glance Means for Citizens and Communities


Glance TravelSafely™ is a new smartphone application, developed by Applied Information, that uses cutting edge technology to make connected vehicles a reality today.  Glance TravelSafely is accessible to all users of our roadways including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. This enables each of us to actively participate in the sharing of our roads, making travel safer for us all. The app connects any user to the transportation infrastructure, gaining insight from roadway devices in real time, and distributing critical roadway information to the public. As a driver you would receive visual and verbal alerts regarding red-light running, “get ready for green”, pedestrians or cyclists in the vicinity, the location of approaching emergency vehicles, active work zones, school zone speed limits and more. As a pedestrian or cyclist, you receive alerts such as an oncoming vehicle or cyclist at a high rate of speed. The app receives data from traffic devices, empowering all roadway users to make better decisions and contribute to an overall safer and pleasant transportation experience. The app is anonymous, sending location signals to other app users within your vicinity. Download the free Glance TravelSafely app and together we can make our transportation system more resilient, contributing to a safer Hawaii.


Download the free TravelSafely app here!

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Glance Connected Vehicle Preemption & Priority System

Glance Schoolzone & Pedestrian Crosswalk TravelSafely System

Glance Schoolzone & Pedestrian Crosswalk TravelSafely System

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