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Solarcology® : A self sustaining solar powered device with perpetual performance capabilities

SOLAR OUTDOOR LIGHTING – Solar powered Self-contained and/or stand-alone outdoor lighting solutions for pathways, trails, bike lanes, docks, marinas, parking lots, residential, parks, marinas and large area lighting. All solutions come with smart firmware to adapt to its surroundings, providing perpetual lighting performance and reliability unavailable in other solar lighting products. Our solutions can be installed in minutes using advanced pole and ground screw systems to avoid excavating and pouring concrete. Customers have monitoring and management capabilities via blue tooth, utilizing the First Light Technologies app. Our customers span the globe and include harbor ports, airports, military bases and housing, government parks, schools and institutions, golf courses, hotels, transit stops, parking lots; private, commercial and public spaces.


SOLAR MARINE SIGNALS – We specialize in the development and production of optical signals using state-of-the-art LED technologies. Our products ensure reliable orientation and, accordingly, enhanced safety and efficiency of traffic travelling by road, rail and above all by water. In addition, we have developed sophisticated solutions that also encompass the supply of energy, as well as control and remote monitoring.


AIRFIELD – For over 20 years, Flash Technology has been a trusted, recognized industry leader in airport lighting solutions that exceed industry standards and stand up to the harshest conditions. Our durable civilian and military solar airfield lighting installs quickly with a total cost well below the on-grid alternative. We are honored to be the selected contractor to deliver on NAWCAD Solar VTOL and Taxiway EALS contract, which has a period of performance of a base year plus multi-year option.

OBSTRUCTION – Since 1996, Flash Technology has provided critical lighting, hazard marking and power solutions to industrial customers around the globe. Our technology is designed to provide reliable, maintenance-free operation up to 5 years, with in-service life expectancy of 15-20 years. Our customers span the US and include energy and utility, crane, airports, dams and more.