Goldwings Completes State-of-the-Art Lighting Projects at National Park Service Sites

Goldwings recently completed state-of-the-art lighting installations with the National Park Service in California, Nebraska and Hawai‘i. Our lighting solutions are designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the impact on wildlife, surrounding lands, and dark skies.

  • Mojave National Preserve, California (April 2023): Goldwings installed 14 self-contained PLB Solar Bollards with wildlife-friendly 595 nanometer (nm) LEDs on the pathways around the Kelso Station Visitor Center. These lights will help increase performance while reducing potential wildfire and vandalism risks. Each light is Wildlife Lighting Certified and Dark Sky Compliant, with automatic dimming to 30% 5 hours after sunset and back to 100% 1 hour before sunrise.
  • Homestead National Historic Park, Nebraska (November 2022): Goldwings helped reduce the environmental impact and installation time of this project by using PLB Solar Bollards to illuminate the pathways and ADA entrance to the park’s Education Center and Heritage Center. In less than a week, existing fixtures were removed where necessary, and new base plates were installed with 21 new PLB Solar Bollards. Each light is Wildlife Lighting Certified and Dark Sky Compliant.

These recent projects follow the successful two-day installation of 25 lighting fixtures at Pearl Harbor National Memorial on O‘ahu in 2018.Specialized Solar Bollards Solarcology® LED lighting replaced aging and broken solar fixtures throughout the tour bus, employee and visitor parking lot. Existing 20-foot poles were mounted with new SCL2 stand-alone solar lighting. This downward-facing lighting is used from dusk to dawn, automatically shutting off in daylight hours.

Self-contained lighting eliminates the need for permitting, dredging, heavy equipment, and conduit/wire pulling, with batteries lasting up to a decade. With no connection to an electrical grid, they are exempt from power outages and can be controlled with an app using Bluetooth technology. These lights also significantly reduce the installation time to just a few minutes per unit.  

“We worked closely with the National Park Service to create custom solutions for each installation with special attention to our environmental impact, keeping in mind energy use, impact on wildlife, and light pollution,” said Lia Young Hunt, CEO of Goldwings. “It’s important for us all to be responsible stewards of our public lands, and the way we light these special places can have a significant impact for generations to come.”

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