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Traffic calming technology to encourage safer, more responsible driving

Carmanah is a leading manufacturer of compliant solar and AC-powered systems for traffic safety, with thousands of installations across North America. Since 1996, we’ve built a reputation for delivering innovative, MUTCD-compliant solutions that offer cost savings while ensuring environmental sensitivity. Whether you’re looking to calm traffic, promote walkability, or increase the conspicuity and awareness of roadway signage, we have a tool for the job.



Smart Technology Integration

Introducing Carmanah StreetHub in partnership with Applied Information

Each StreetHub system comes equipped with an on-board cellular modem and monitoring unit that allows for two-way communication and control. Once activated, StreetHub systems integrate with Glance, AI’s industry-leading Smart City Supervisory System™, an easy-to-use cloud-based platform  that serves as a single point of contact and control for your entire network of connected beacons and signs.

Through the platform, authorized personnel can quickly and easily access the operational status of their systems, as well as set and adjust schedules and programs, configure customizable alerts, and retrieve valuable data and insights that enable accurate treatment analysis and proactive maintenance plans.