TANA Wire Marker Co. introduced the first Aircraft Warning Marker with a universal attachment method in 1968 and has been in business ever since. They have been pioneers in producing spherical Warning Markers for over thirty years. In the years they’ve been in business, they have worked continuously with government agencies and power and communication industry leaders to develop new products to suit the various needs and difficulties of marking overhead wires throughout the world. With the seven different models and seven different sizes of Warning Markers that are offered, plus custom manufacturing on an ongoing basis, no other manufacturer in the world has the experience marking overhead wires that TANA Mfg. Co. has. Their specialty, focus, and expertise is the manufacture of the worlds best Aviation and Overhead Obstruction Warning Markers.

TANA Aircraft Warning Markers have stood up under some of the Earth’s most extreme climates. From the North Slope of Alaska to the desert heat and sandstorms the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of TANA Wire Markers have proven themselves again and again to be the world’s most reliable. Their products are warranted for a period of five years; however, they’ve been in business for over 30 years and even in these extreme conditions, they do not know of a single failure of a TANA Wire Marker due to normal wear and tear. Several thousand of their Markers are still in service after 30 years.